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Beauty and the Beast 

15th – 23rd February 2019
Riverside Theatre, Woodbridge

Writer & Director: Lily Griffiths
Co-Producers: Paul Leech & Penny Davies
Musical Director: Jo King

Choreographers: Lisa Dersley, Lena Hoggarth, Stella Mitchell, Michelle Steward

Stage Manager: Adam Thorpe

Script / Principal Audition Details:

Tuesday 18th September at 7.30pm – Fred Reynolds Centre, Churchill Close, IP12 4UU

Thursday 20th September 7.30pm – Deben Room, Ufford Park Yarmouth Road, Melton, IP12 1QW

If you would like to audition for our Pantomime but are not available at any of the above dates then please contact us at

Principal Characters:

Isabelle – Principal Girl
A young girl who is very smart, she thinks nothing of gaining admirers and has a great sense of adventure. She is envied by her fellow villagers but they can’t help but love her. She is her own hero.

Prince/ Beast
An evolving character who begins the story as a very arrogant, damaged personality who believes himself a cut above the rest. An encounter with the enchantress leaves him suffering for his sins until he can learn to be a better person. His discovery of his love of Isabelle and all she represents is the turning point in him.

This guy is an Adonis, built like a brick sh….. You get the idea. All of the ladies swoon over him, all over the guys want to be him. He’s definitely not the brightest spark though, ‘too bad his brains are in his biceps’.

The Professor
Isabelle’s dad, mad as a box of frogs. He can usually be found in his laboratory conjuring up some new potion or elixir to cure everything from ingrown toenails to halitosis. He is the very reason that Isabelle ever comes into contact with the Beast as when he disappears on a search for magic mushrooms and doesn’t come back she has to go and look for him. Currently written as her father but could definitely be her mother instead.

Tick Tock
The butler from the Prince’s castle. When the curse was put on the castle all of its inhabitants were turned into furniture and other household items. A bit of a fuddy duddy and a stickler for the rules but can’t help but be charmed by Crystal one of the other members of staff.

Crystal Chandelier
A cute, sparkly and bubbly character who was working at the castle in her gap year and got caught up in the curse. Notably dipsy and can miss the obvious frequently, she however has a great sense of humour.

Madam I’ll Pour
The dame. A giant teapot with an interesting array of ever changing tea cosies. The maternal figure of the household having cared for the prince since he was a child but always at the centre of any mischief. May even take a bit of a shine to the professor…Any age

A stunning and extremely powerful character with the ability to curse or assist whomever she pleases. She curses the prince for his misdemeanors but she’s never far from the action and keeps a keen eye on his progress. Possibly a cameo role.

Pierre’s less attractive (according to Pierre) sidekick. He’s a bit gormless but is never far away to give Pierre a help with the ladies.

Village Girls (3 or 4)
These are some of Isabelle’s friends and long time admirers of Pierre. They can turn up in the most obscure of places to sing comical songs or pass commentary on the action.

A tiny but tough cookie, has grown up at the castle and can’t really remember what it was like to be human. Takes a strong liking to Belle. Age 8-12.

Audition pieces are below for your information