Show Dates: 4th-7th December 2018
Venue: Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge
Producer: David Wright
Writer & Director: Oliver Fosker
Musical Director: Jo King
Choreographers: Lisa Dersley, Lena Hoggarth, Stella Mitchell
Stage Manager: Adam Thorpe

Audition Dates:
Sunday 9th September – Fred Reynolds Centre, Churchill Close, Woodbridge, IP12 4UU
10am-11am Chorus
11am-12.30pm Junior Dancers & Senior Dancers
12.30pm-1.30pm Juniors

Friday 14th September – Fred Reynolds Centre, Churchill Close, Woodbridge, IP12 4UU
7.30pm Script Auditions – Jack Frost & Narrator
There will be other minor characters and singing opportunities which we will cast once rehearsals are underway

Date of First Rehearsal – Sunday 23rd September

If you would like to audition for the Christmas Show but are not available at any of the above dates then please contact us at

A Christmas Tale – Synopsis
Set in 1955, Jack Frost is the grumpy land lord who hates Christmas. His Housekeeper Annabelle, wants a day off for Christmas, to spend with her family, much to the annoyance of Frost. He grants the day off, but tells her to stay late to work the extra hours she would miss on Christmas day.

That night, Frost is visited by a ghostly apparition of his late wife Mary. She scares Frost into seeing three visions;
His past – taking him back, to Edwardian London to see Frost’s childhood. It shows the scars of a miserable childhood and how Frost has become the man he is today.
His present – where we see the family life he is missing, after a row five years previous with his son and his family. We also see his hard working housekeeper Annabelle suffering with missing her children’s big concert.
And the future – Showing how life has changed and how the people of London celebrate Christmas in 2018.

The apparitions make Frost realise what he’s been missing. The morning of Christmas day, Frost runs out in the street, wishing people a Merry Christmas and giving money to the poor. Frost reconciles with his son and wife. He gives Annabelle the rest of the week off to celebrate Christmas and Frost finds a new love for the festive season, singing & dancing!

Jack Frost – The main character throughout the story. An old misery who hates Christmas and everything associated with it.
Narrator – The story teller throughout. Think 1950’s BBC radio news presenter. Needs to be clear and concise and have a warm friendly voice. Male or Female.
Headmistress – Seen three times, mother hen type of person who looks after the children.
Annabelle Winters – Frost’s Housemaid. Seen twice during the show. Has to work hard to earn a living, but is upset she always misses out on events.
Mary Frost – Jack’s Ghostly Wife. An old battleaxe who was nagged when alive, but both love each other dearly. Comes to show Jack the error of his ways.
Holly – Ghost of his Past. Can be old or young.
Jilly, Katherine, Ruby, A Young Jack Frost & his sister Francesca. All Children
Ivy – Ghost of his Present. Can be old or young.
Heather – Ghost of his Future. The youngest ghost of the three. Suitable for a dancer age group.
Fred Frost – His Son.
Sarah Frost – Fred’s Wife
Laura Winters – Annabelle’s Eldest Daughter. Would suit a JD or Dancer.

All of the above characters, with the exception of Jack Frost, will be a member from the ensemble groups.

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